Best Thick Non Slip Yoga Mats [Cushion Your Practice]

Do you want to perform longer yoga sessions without slipping? This is where our role comes in. We are here to provide you with the Best Thick Non-Slip Yoga mats so you can perform any asana without the fear of slipping.  In our collection, you will find all sorts of non-slip yoga mats, for example- thick yoga mats, eco-friendly yoga mats, yoga mats for the best grip, etc.

Embarking on a yoga journey requires more than just dedication and focus; it demands the right tools to enhance your practice. Introducing the ultimate companion for yogis of all levels – the thick non-slip yoga mat. Imagine settling into your practice, feeling the luxurious cushioning beneath you as you transition seamlessly from one pose to another. Our in-depth guide delves into the world of yoga mats that prioritize both comfort and stability.

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Best Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mats

A yoga mat is the first thing that comes to mind when we think of yoga. Without a yoga mat, you will not be able to perform many asanas.  It is strictly recommended to perform yoga asanas on a yoga mat only. So, without further delay, we will hand you a list of instructions, or you may call it a buying guide for a better shopping experience.  We assure you that by the end of this article, you will be able to buy the best yoga mat. this list will be very helpful to those who are looking for the best non-slip exercise mats

1. Gaiam non-slip yoga mat

This yoga mat has non-slippery properties. You can perform any asana or exercise on it.  Also, it has some beautiful designs printed over it that will lure you into getting going every day.  The interesting designs printed on it make it a perfect ground mat. Everyone who visits you will definitely like it.

Gaiam Yoga Mat - Premium 6mm Print Extra Thick Non Slip Exercise


  • The yoga mat measures 68 inches in length and 24 inches in width.
  • This yoga mat measures 6mm in thickness.
  • It sticks on the ground and provides a non-slippery grip.
  • Made up of PVC (Polyvinyl chloride).


  • Non-toxic yoga mat.
  • Anti-slip properties.
  • Lightweight and durable.
  • Good quality prints.
  • Easy to carry while traveling.


  • Might be foul-smelling.

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2. Beauty Ovo non-slip yoga mat

This yoga mat comes with an elastic strap so that you can carry it anywhere without any hassle. You can carry it on your back while hiking or traveling.  It fulfills all the necessary criteria of an ideal yoga mat. Beauty Ovo manufactures standard-quality non-slip yoga mats that are loved by everyone.

Yoga Mat with Strap,


  • This yoga mat measures 72 x 24 x 0.31 inches.
  • Item weight is 2 pounds.
  • The thickness of the mat is 8mm.


  • Non-toxic thermoplastic elastomers.
  • Good cushioning and sufficient thickness.
  • Non-slippery texture and grip.
  • Ideal for Pilates, yoga, and floor exercise.


  • Mat might get separated or get bubbled up.
  • Might start to peel.

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3. Balance from a non-slip yoga mat

If you want perfect cushioning or extra cushioning while doing yoga asanas Pilates, or any other floor exercises, you should buy this one.  Its anti-slip properties also provide you with mechanical support and protect you from getting injured.  This yoga mat has perfect cushioning for reclining and seated yoga asanas.

 BalanceFrom GoYoga All-Purpose 1/2-Inch Extra Thick High Density


  • This item measures 24x6x6 inches.
  • The thickness of this mat is 0.5 decimeters or ½ inches.
  • The weight of the item is 1.8 Pounds.
  • Comes with a stretchable strap.


  • Comfortable for even full-figured people.
  • Light in weight and durable.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Portable and scratch-resistant.


  • Not suitable for laminate floors.

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4. Umineux non-slip yoga mat

It is good to say that this yoga mat comes with alignment marks so that you do your exercises perfectly.  If you are new to yoga, this yoga mat will act as your alignment teacher for sure.  This yoga mat will provide you with the perfect positioning of hands, legs, and overall body postures.  Buy this non-slip yoga mat for an unmatched yoga experience.

Cushion Your Practice: The Top Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mats of the Year"


  • Dimensions of this yoga mat- 72 x 24 x 1 inch.
  • The yoga mat is 6mm thick.
  • The weight of the yoga mat is 1.8 Pounds.
  • Alignment marks and anti-tear body.


  • Non-toxic thermoplastic elastomers material.
  • Non-slip traction.
  • Complimentary carry bags and adjustable straps.
  • Sweat-proof and odorless mat.


  • Not pet-friendly.
  • Cannot perform the exercise while wearing footwear.

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5. Heathyoga non-slip yoga mat

This yoga mat is one of our best picks as it fulfills all the necessary criteria of an ideal yoga mat. If you are highly sensitive to skin infections, you need this for your long yoga sessions.  This yoga mat is eco-friendly as it is made up of harmless material used in making other yoga mats. This is the best non-slip yoga mat you have ever seen.

Heathytoga best yoga mat for non slip


  • The measurement of this yoga mat is 72 x 26 x 0.25 inches.
  • The thickness of the yoga mat is 0.6cm.
  • The weight of the mat is 2.2 Pounds.
  • Body alignment features are there.


  • Non-toxic and latex-free mat.
  • Extra-long and wide.
  • Reverse points and end-to-end lines.
  • Odorless and sweat-proof.
  • Double-layered for extra cushioning.


  • It is a little bit heavy yoga mat.

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6. Gaiam non-slip yoga mat

If you have an eye for art, then this Gaiam yoga mat will be the best choice for you. There are beautiful illustrations printed on the Gaiam mats, which will keep you motivated.  Also, these yoga mats are free of toxins and non-slip; therefore, you do not need to worry about environmental degradation.

Steadfast Serenity: Unveiling the Best Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mats


  • This yoga mat measures 68 x 24 x 0.08 inches.
  • The weight of the item is 2 Pounds.
  • This yoga mat is 2mm thick.
  • The material used- Polyvinyl Chloride.


  • Best mat for traveling purposes.
  • Fits perfectly in a backpack.
  • Provides stable footing.
  • Comes with a carry bag and adjustable straps.


  • This yoga mat is thinner as compared to others.

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7. New Me fitness non-slip yoga mat

This yoga mat has instructions mentioned all over it. If you are a newbie yoga practitioner and want a non-slip yoga mat, then you may go for this one.  This mat can be used for outdoor yoga classes also. It will not wear off even after rough usage. You can trust this one for long and sweaty yoga sessions.

Yoga with Confidence: The Ultimate Guide to Thick Non-Slip Mats


  • This yoga mat measures 28m in width and 68 m in length.
  • The weight of this yoga mat is 2.6 Pounds.
  • The thickness of this mat is 0.2mm.
  • 70 yoga positions are printed over it.


  • BPA and Phthalate free material.
  • Easy to carry and easy to clean.
  • Non-slippery technology.
  • Highly durable and portable mat.


  • The print might vanish with time.
  • A little bit thin.

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8. IUGA pro non-slip yoga mat

This yoga mat is broader and longer than other of its types.  It will provide you comfort along with the power to stay focused for a longer duration of time as it is the best mat for hot yoga.  If you are a pro, you should go for the IUGA pro yoga mat. Go for this non-slip yoga mat if you have back or body pain.

Find Your Ground: A Review of the Best Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mats


  • SGS-certified polyurethane rubber material.
  • This yoga mat measures 28.35 inches in length and 10.24 inches in width.
  • This yoga mat is 0.5cm thick.
  • The weight of the item is 2.8 Pounds.


  • Best grip and non-slippery feature.
  • Odorless and sweat-proof material.
  • Long-lasting and light in weight.
  • Certified material for hot yoga.


  • A little bit expensive.

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9. Cap Barbell non-slip yoga mats

This non-slippery yoga mat is a great option to have in mind while exploring different kinds of yoga mats on online shopping platforms. It comes in a solid pattern.  If you are looking for a simple and sober yoga mat, this might be a great choice. You can also use it as a mat for your pets, as many buyers have given positive reviews after using it for their pets.

CAP Barbell HHY-CF004B Fitness Yoga Mat, Blue


  • The package dimensions of the item- ‎24.25 x 3.5 x 3.5 inches.
  • Weight of the item Pounds.
  • The material used in making- is rubber.
  • The thickness of the mat- is 3mm.
  • Color- Blue.


  • Pocket-friendly and durable mat.
  • Comfy and easily portable.
  • Lightweight and textured.
  • Anti-slippery traction and highly durable.


  • Some people find it thin.

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10. Manduka pro non-slip yoga mat

This fantastic non-slip yoga mat comes in eight different colors. Along with this, it is a well-established brand that manufactures top-quality yoga mats which makes it superior to others in its category.  Manduka yoga mat is only meant for people who are pros in yoga and exercises or who have expertise in selecting mats.  If you also consider yourself a pro player, then you must buy this one.


  • Dimensions of the yoga mat- 71 x 26 x 0.24 inches.
  • The thickness of the mat- is 6mm.
  • The material used in the mat is polyvinyl Chloride.
  • Weight of the item Pounds.


  • Lifelong warranty and easy to clean.
  • Antiperspirant and non-slip features.
  • Good grip with dense material packing.
  • Provide stability and extra cushion support.
  • Non-toxic polyvinyl chloride and lab tested.


  • A bit costly and only for experts.

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11. Ajna organic non-slip yoga mat

Nowadays, everyone is switching to organic products, so here is an effort to go green by Ajna organic non-slip yoga mat to promote a healthy and non-toxic environment. 

This yoga mat is unique in its own way. It will provide you with the best grip along with an internal satisfaction that you are contributing to making the earth free of harmful chemicals.

Mat Matters: Exploring the Comfort and Grip of Thick Non-Slip Yoga Mats


  • Item dimensions 2.83 x 0.94 x 0.2 inches.
  • The material of the mat is jute.
  • The weight of the mat is 2.2 kg.
  • The thickness of the mat- 5mm.


  • Odorless and a non-slippery yoga mat.
  • Excellent for sore knees.
  • Eco-friendly and sustainable.
  • Comfortable padding and low cost.
  • Light in weight and comes with straps.


  • Some practitioners find it non-durable.

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12. Coolmoon non-slip yoga mat

If your budget is a little tight this month and you also need a quality yoga mat, then you should go for this Coolmoon non-slip yoga mat.  This mat has a hexagon texture all over it and also has anti-skid properties.  It comes with more elasticity and grip. Most sports enthusiasts will find it useful.  It is suitable for both newbies and yoga experts.

COOLMOON 1/4 Inch Extra Thick Yoga Mat Double-Sided Non Slip


  • The thickness of the yoga mat- is 0.25 inches.
  • Item dimensions- 72 x 24 x 0.25 inches.
  • Weight of the mat- 0.91 kg.
  • Material of yoga mat- Thermoplastic elastomers.


  • Closely packed material and sticky.
  • Comfortable and odorless.
  • Anti-tear and flexible for outdoor activities.
  • Easy to carry and easy to clean.


  • Might curl up when packed.

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When looking to buy a thick non-slip yoga mat, there are several important factors to consider. Here is a description of the features and qualities you should look for:

  1. Thickness: Thick yoga mats generally range from 6mm to 10mm in thickness. A thicker mat provides better cushioning and support for your joints and spine, making it more comfortable during your yoga practice.
  2. Non-Slip Surface: The primary purpose of a non-slip yoga mat is to provide traction, preventing your hands and feet from slipping during poses and transitions. Look for mats that feature a textured, grippy surface to ensure stability and safety during your practice.
  3. Material: Yoga mats are typically made from various materials, including PVC, rubber, or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer). PVC mats are generally durable and offer good cushioning, but they may not be the most eco-friendly option. Rubber mats are excellent for traction and are often more environmentally friendly. TPE mats are a versatile option, offering a balance between grip, cushioning, and eco-friendliness.
  4. Size: Yoga mats come in different sizes, but a standard size is typically around 24 inches wide and 68 inches long. However, taller individuals may prefer longer mats. Consider your height and choose a mat that provides ample space for your entire body to comfortably fit on it.
  5. Durability: Look for a yoga mat that is durable and can withstand regular use without deteriorating quickly. Mats with a good level of thickness are often more resilient and resistant to wear and tear.
  6. Easy to Clean: Opt for a yoga mat that is easy to clean and maintain. Mats with closed-cell construction are typically easier to clean as they don’t absorb sweat or moisture. Some mats may come with specific care instructions, so make sure to follow them to extend the mat’s lifespan.
  7. Extra Features: Some yoga mats may come with additional features like alignment lines or markings to help you with proper positioning and alignment during your practice. These can be helpful, especially for beginners.

When purchasing a thick non-slip yoga mat, consider your personal preferences, budget, and specific needs. Reading product reviews and comparing different brands can also help you find a mat that suits your requirements and provides optimal comfort and stability during your yoga sessions.

Buying Guide

Before buying a yoga mat, you should be aware of all the qualities that a yoga mat should consist of.  You should explore all the required features for a better yoga experience.  The following are the features that one should check before buying a yoga mat:

  • Thickness: An ideal yoga mat is usually 4-5mm thick. You should check the thickness first for your comfort.
  • Length: A yoga mat measures 68 inches in length and 24 inches in width.
  • Material: Yoga mats are made up of polyvinyl chloride, natural rubber, TPE, PU, NBR, etc.
  • Grip: A yoga mat should provide a proper grip so one may not slip while doing asanas.
  • Sweat-absorbent: Your yoga mat should be antiperspirant or sweat-absorbent so that you do not get infected by any skin disease.


Q: What is a thick non-slip yoga mat, and why is it important?

A thick non-slip yoga mat is designed with extra cushioning and a specialized surface to prevent slipping during yoga practice. It offers comfort for joints and stability for poses, making it an essential tool for a safe and effective yoga session.

Q: How thick should a thick yoga mat be?

The thickness of a yoga mat can vary, but a “thick” mat generally refers to one that is around 6mm to 8mm in thickness. This thickness provides ample cushioning for comfort while maintaining stability.

Q: What features make a yoga mat non-slip?

A non-slip yoga mat typically has a textured surface that enhances grip. Look for mats with materials like natural rubber or TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomer) that offer superior traction even during sweaty sessions.

Q: Who can benefit from a thick non-slip yoga mat?

Thick non-slip yoga mats are beneficial for practitioners of all levels. Beginners appreciate the cushioning for comfort, while advanced yogis value the stability for challenging poses.

Q: Are thick non-slip mats suitable for hot yoga or intense workouts?

Yes, many thick non-slip mats are designed for hot yoga and intense workouts. Look for mats that specify suitability for heated environments and offer moisture-wicking properties.

Q: Can I use a thick non-slip yoga mat on hard floors?

Absolutely. Thick non-slip mats are excellent for hard floors, as they provide a comfortable barrier between your body and the floor while preventing the mat from sliding.

Q: Are these mats easy to clean?

Yes, most thick non-slip mats are easy to clean. Use a mild soap and water mixture or a mat-specific cleaning spray. Always follow the manufacturer’s cleaning recommendations to maintain the mat’s quality.

Q: Are there eco-friendly options for thick non-slip yoga mats?

Yes, many manufacturers offer eco-friendly options made from natural rubber, TPE, or other sustainable materials. Look for mats labeled as eco-friendly or biodegradable.

Q: Can kids use thick non-slip yoga mats?

Absolutely. However, if you’re looking for mats specifically designed for kids, you might want to explore our dedicated article on the Best Yoga Mats for Kids.

Q: Do round yoga mats come in a thick non-slip version?

Yes, there are round yoga mats available in thick non-slip versions as well. For more information, you can read our detailed guide on the Best Round Yoga Mats.

Q: Are there any maintenance tips for prolonging the life of a thick non-slip yoga mat?

To extend the life of your mat, clean it regularly, avoid prolonged exposure to direct sunlight, and roll it up rather than folding it to prevent creases.

Q: Which yoga mats are eco-friendly?

A: PVC, rubber, TPE, jute, and microfiber yoga mats are available in the market. You can go for those which are non-toxic.

For example, natural rubber and cork yoga mats are entirely eco-friendly and affordable.

Q: What should be the thickness of an ideal yoga mat?

A: The thickness of the yoga mats ranges from 2 mm to 6 mm. You can buy a thicker one if you like more cushioning and comfort, but if you are a frequent traveler, we suggest you buy a thin yoga mat so that it can be easily carried.

Q: What is the ideal size of a yoga mat?

A: An ideal yoga mat should be 24 inches wide and 68 inches in length. A yoga mat that is smaller than this size cannot be suitable for a tall person. It will also not be ideal for a full-figured man.

Q: Are non-slip yoga mats any good?

A: Yes, it is an important feature of a yoga mat as you will not be able to perform all the asanas and exercises if you do not have a non-slippery yoga mat.

Wrapping up

We hope that you have prepared a list of features that you want in your yoga mat, so we wish you good luck with your next purchase.  We recommend you reread the article and choose according to your needs.  We have lab-tested all these non-slip yoga mats to ease your shopping experience.  Always remember, that it is very important to have a good yoga mat because it also encourages you to do your workout regularly.  In case you have a torn-out yoga mat, replace it with a new one; otherwise, you will end up postponing your yoga session.

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