Best Funny Doormat Ideas for Welcome/FrontDoor

Welcome to a world of laughter and hilarity right at your doorstep! In this blog post, we dive into the realm of funny doormats, where humor meets functionality. These doormats are not your ordinary welcome mats; they’re designed to make you and your guests crack a smile every time you step foot inside.

From clever puns to witty one-liners, these doormats serve as the perfect icebreaker and set the tone for a lighthearted atmosphere. Imagine your friends and family arriving at your home, only to be greeted by a doormat that says, “Come back with tacos” or “Did we order annoying neighbors?” It’s sure to elicit a chuckle and set a fun-filled mood right from the start.

We’ve curated a list of the best funny doormats that are guaranteed to tickle your funny bone. Whether you’re a dog lover, a coffee enthusiast, or simply appreciate a good dose of humor, there’s a doormat for everyone’s taste. These mats not only bring joy but also serve as a practical accessory, keeping dirt and debris at bay while adding a touch of personality to your entryway.

Join us as we explore the top contenders for the funniest doormat titles. From hilarious quotes to playful designs, you’ll discover a range of options that will leave your guests in stitches. So, get ready to laugh your way through this delightful collection and find the perfect funny doormat to greet visitors with a smile.

Remember, humor is subjective, so what might tickle your funny bone may be different for others. Nonetheless, we guarantee that these funny doormats will inject some light-heartedness into your daily routine and create a warm, welcoming atmosphere. Get ready to welcome your guests with a dose of humor and a touch of whimsy with the best funny doormats on the market. So, sit back, relax, and prepare to be entertained as we unveil the side-splitting world of funny doormats.

Do you find it difficult to stop people from walking in your home? Do you need more than just a welcome mat for guests who drop by unannounced? Perhaps you would like to have some extra security and protection when someone enters your home, particularly if they keep intruding on sensitive areas where they shouldn’t be. Try adding some humor into the equation with one of these funny doormats. They are both stylish and functional so that everyone will love them!

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Best Funny Doormats – Your Choice

Funny doormats are created from a soft, durable fabric that is easy to wipe clean. They are also easy to install. You can use these doormats on your patio, porch, or at the entrance of your home. They come in different designs and motifs, including funny cats or dogs or funny cartoon characters.

Most Funny Doormats are made with a hundred percent polyester cloth with rubber backing for extra grip and durability. Some are also made of natural rubber, which provides additional grip and resistance against abrasions caused by regular wear and tear of foot traffic. The rubber does not fade or degrade over time, so the doormats will still look great after several years of heavy use. If you appreciate the humor in doormats, you’ll likely find our recommendations for the best bathroom mats equally delightful

1. AAZZKANG Funny Doormat

AAZZKANG Funny Doormat is a funny welcome doormat that features an adorable little dinosaur character. The funny doormat can be used as an indoor doormat or outdoor doormat. With its cute dinosaur design, the humorous doormat makes a great addition to any home. The funny doormat has a non-slip backing, so it will stay in place no matter how often you use it for the door. It is easy to clean; wipe off dirt with a damp cloth and mild detergent after each use. The doormat is made with 100% polyester fabric and rubber backing, so it is durable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

Mat Humor: 20 Funny Doormats That Will Make You Smile

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2. MAINEVENT Store (Welcome to The Shitshow Doormat): 

The main event Store is a creative doormat depicting a typical family gathering scene. The funny doormat features an image of a man trying to open an oversized bottle of beer, only to have the liquid pour out onto the ground. Around him are his wife and children, their heads hung in despair as the desperate man tries to get something from the bottle. It is a humorous welcome mat perfect for anyone who has tried to wrestle with one of those big beer bottles and was exhausted from trying to twist off the top.

Wipe Your Paws and Laugh: The Funniest Doormats Around

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3. JJUUYOU Welcome Funny Mats

JJUUYOU is an amusing doormat with a different and interesting design, featuring a pair of monsters chasing each other back and forth. The two colorful doormats are designed to make it difficult for visitors to enter the home, which makes them an ideal choice for people who don’t like intruders. The mat provides great security against unwanted visitors, as it will keep unwanted people out while keeping guests who are expected. In addition, they are also perfect for use under the kitchen or bathroom sink or where you keep things like bleach, cleaners, or any chemicals that might spill from time to time.

Doormats with Attitude: A Comedic Welcome to Your Home

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4. VBDFD Welcome Roll for Initiative Funny Mats

VBDFD Welcome Roll for Initiative is a stylish doormat that features a humorous image of a group of orcs walking in an orderly row. The funny doormat is perfect for anyone who enjoys role-playing games and other fantasy characters. The mat provides both comic relief and security simultaneously, as it has two functions: it will keep unwelcome people out while keeping the intended occupants in! It is also ideal for use near sinks or baths to protect against accidental spills. Since the mats are made with high-quality material, they are durable and long-lasting. They won’t fade or tear if they get wet from spills unexpectedly.


Mat-tastic Comedy: The Best Doormat Quotes

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5. Broccoli Bay All-Weather Funny Doormats

Broccoli Bay All-Weather Funny Doormat is a funny welcome mat featuring a picture of a pair of chickens trying to sneak into the barn. The cute doormats are perfect for those who like to keep their families, animals, and intruders out of their homes. They are also great for use at the door or underneath the kitchen or bathroom sink, as they protect against accidental spills. The mats are made from high-quality material that is durable and long-lasting. They will not fade, stain or deteriorate over time after being exposed to moisture or rain daily. They feature a non-slip backing that keeps them in place no matter how much foot traffic passes over them each day.

The Doorway to Laughter: Top Funny Doormat Picks

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Guide to choosing the best funny doormats

  1. Quality: Whether you want a mat that is machine-woven, hand-woven, or even crocheted, it differs. The mats that have the best quality are those with fibers evenly spread out and an overall sturdy feel to them. If care is taken to ensure this, you will get a mat that will last forever.
  2. Design: You might want something other than a doormat with vibrant colors or lettering; it could be too much of your living room for your taste! However, if style and personality are important design factors, these mats should be on the list. Finding something you love within your genre should be easy!
  3. Solidness: One of the best ways to ensure that you’re getting a good quality funny doormat is to ensure the mat is well-made. The design should be constant throughout, and the lettering should be clear and bold. Consider getting a mat that has been double-stitched or sewn so it will not come apart.
  4. Durability: These mats are made of fabrics so they can become damaged over time. This means that if you want to ensure you get your money’s worth, look into how durable they are beforehand. These mats tend not to last as long as others, but if care is taken when washing them, they can extend their life by a few years.


The funny doormats are a great addition to your home. These mats are light, easy to move, and simple to store. They come in many different colors, design themes, and varieties, so you should find something you love. If you find the funny door mats that interest you, they should be available at online stores.

While we’re all about humor at the doorstep, safety is equally important outdoors. Check out our recommendations for the best outdoor playground mats to ensure your little ones play safely and comfortably.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) about funny doormats so that you can find the best funny doormats easily.

Q1: Are funny doormats just for decoration, or do they serve a practical purpose as well?

A: Funny doormats are designed to combine humor with functionality. They not only add a touch of personality to your entryway but also serve as a practical accessory by trapping dirt and debris before it enters your home.

Q2: How durable are funny doormats?

A: Funny doormats are typically made from high-quality materials like coir, rubber, or nylon, which make them durable and able to withstand regular foot traffic. However, it’s always a good idea to check product reviews and ratings to ensure you choose a doormat that will last.

Q3: Can I use a funny doormat outdoors?

A: Yes, many funny doormats are suitable for outdoor use. Look for doormats specifically designed for outdoor use, as they are often made from weather-resistant materials and can withstand exposure to sunlight and moisture.

Q4: How do I clean a funny doormat?

A: Most funny doormats are easy to clean. You can typically shake them out to remove loose dirt or use a brush or broom to sweep away debris. Some doormats can also be hosed down or cleaned with mild soap and water. Be sure to check the manufacturer’s cleaning instructions for specific recommendations.

Q5: Can I personalize a funny doormat with my own message or design?

A: Some retailers offer the option to personalize doormats with custom messages or designs. This allows you to add a unique touch to your doormat and make it even funnier or more personal.

Q6: Are funny doormats suitable as gifts?

A: Absolutely! Funny doormats make fantastic gifts for housewarmings, birthdays, holidays, or any occasion that calls for a good laugh. They’re a fun and unexpected present that can bring joy to the recipient every time they enter their home.

Q7: Are there any specific considerations for using a funny doormat in an apartment or shared living space?

A: When using a funny doormat in an apartment or shared living space, it’s important to be mindful of your neighbors’ sensibilities. Opt for doormats with lighthearted, universally amusing messages that won’t offend or disturb others.

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